GFC Visit to CHOA Egleston

On Wednesday, February 15th, The Georgia Force Cheerleader’s Rally Kid Tori was admitted to the Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta Egleston where she will undergo another round of chemotherapy to help treat her medullablastoma cancer of the brain. Upon learning the news, the GFC decided to pay Tori a visit at Egelston. “The concept of a 9 year-old having to fight cancer is so heavy and I didn’t know what to expect,” admits Joie Ashworth, the director of Georgia Force Cheerleaders. “But Tori is not your average kid! She’s not a complainer or a whiner – she’s a fighter who is working through this with a confidence we can all learn from. She’s brave and strong and you can see all that in her eyes. She had a smile on her face throughout our entire visit. GFC brought gifts, signed autographs and put on a special dance performance just for her… but in the end, I believe she did more for us than we did for her.”

GFC Rookie Maima agreed that they have a lot to learn from Tori and her story: “Tori’s resilence and faith has inspired me beyond measure. She is truly one of my heroes. My visit with her impacted me on a deeper level because it showed me what this job is all about: giving back and inspiring others.Tori has inspired us more than she will ever know.”

“We are challenging our team to think bigger this year, realize how much more there is than our problems, our successes and our stories,” explained GFC Captain Kiley. “Our Rally Kid, Tori, gave the GFC an opportunity to experience the epitome of strength and hope. Wrapped up in a 9 year old body sporting neon green PJs and hot pink bedazzeled slippers, Tori was a hidden warrior as she sat decorating an American Girl jewelry box. Tori was ready to strike a pose better than any pro cheerleader and offered a huge smile, never once offering the slightest complaint about her disease. I hope to learn from her how to be stronger, less selfish and more fierce!”

GFC Captain Joslynn agreed: “Tori is a true testament that God does not give you more than you can handle. What a resilient spirit. She exhibited such poise during our visit. I feel extremely blessed to have met such an amazing child.”

The Cheerleaders ask for prayers for Tori. This round of chemo is especially grueling. As a Rally Kid, Tori only asks for donations in her honor to the Rally Foundation for childhood cancer research. Fans can make their tax-deductible contributions by visiting the Georgia Force Cheerleader donation page at The minimum donation is $10, but every dollar will help and is greatly appreciated.

To see more pictures from the GFC visit to the Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta Egleston, click here.


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