Georgia Force Cheerleaders Habitat For Humanity Build

On February 4th, the Georgia Force Cheerleaders donned their construction hats and pulled out their power tools for a Habitat For Humanity build. Alongside Clark Howard, the cheerleaders helped construct a house for a family in need in the city of Atlanta.

“I know people don’t expect to see cheerleaders building houses,” stated Joie Ashworth, the Director of Georgia Force Cheerleaders. “It’s hard work, but it means a lot to be able to give back to the community this way. We are helping people realize the American dream of homeownership! This is now a tradition for the Georgia Force Cheerleaders and I can’t even imagine going an entire season without building a house with my team.”

Veteran cheerleader LaToya agreed that the build was a valuable experience for the team. “The build was such a great first time experience. It simply amazed me how such a large group of people came together working so diligently to change someone’s life forever. I was glad to be a volunteer and glad to have impacted someone’s life.”

Not only did the girls learn more about teamwork and the Habitat For Humanity program, but they also gained skills in an unexpected area: construction! “It is amazing to see what team work can do,” said Lauren, one of the newest members of the 2012 squad. “With so many hands, you see your progress quickly, and it is amazing. It was great to work along side the future home owners. They were so appreciative and that helped keep us all motivated. The build leaders were so encouraging and patient. They took the time to show me how to swing a hammer the right way, how to use a nail gun, and how to water seal windows. You don’t have to know anything going in, you just have to be willing to work, learn, and try new things! My arm was sore for a couple days from all the hammering, which is more rewarding than the soreness you get from just moving weights around at the gym. You are actually using your God given strength for something productive!”

Veteran cheerleader Jaimi put it simply: “My favorite thing about helping on a Habitat build is meeting the home owner and working with them to achieve their dream. At the end of the day you can see your hard work and the progress you’ve completed together. You can actually see their lives changing.”

To see more pictures from the build, check out the photo album on Facebook. To find out more about how you can get involved in the Habitat For Humanity program, click here.


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